Hello there beautiful people of the world! I just recently signed up for Sephora's new Influencer Program, #SephoraSquad !

I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out this was a thing! I sat down at my computer and seriously wrote a 3 page essay answered all their questions as to why I want to be apart of their program!

In this blog post I'll share with you all some of the things I let them know! I would greatly appreciate it if you can head over to: https://www.sephorasquad.com/testimonial/elizabeth__danielle

to leave a testimony on why you enjoy my online presence!

Thank you so much!

Here is what I let them know...

It would be an honor to be a #SephoraSquad Influencer because It would be an amazing oppurtunity to combine my OBSESSION with Sephora and my PASSION for creating content! For me Sephora is more than a retail store, it's an experience! There's something magical about walking into a product heaven! It's what I like to call my "Adult Disney World"! I can spend hour discovering new products, trying out samples and interacting with their employee! In the past, I have even seriously consider working at Sephora because of how much joy I feel when I am there! I love going to their makeup classes, getting mini facials and getting my glam done for an event. When my friends are feeling down, sometimes I suggest "why don't we go get our glam done at Sephora and then go take some kick butt photos for instagram?" To me there is something so powerful in beauty. It's empowering. It's life-changing! Look good, feel good!

My passion for content creating comes from wanting to empower women and to shed a positive light into a sometimes dark world. When I first began sharing my life on the internet, I didn't realize it would soon become a society norm. To be honest ,It was my way of sharing my creativity with those that I loved. During the dark moments in my life I found sharing therapeutic. I would talk about my anxieties, my panic attacks and my moments of depression. It was SHOCKING to find out how many people really found my sharing to be inspiring! I would get tons on messages all over my social platforms saying, "Thank you so much, you have no Idea how much I can relate to you on this subject. I am glad you are talking about it because I thought I was the only one!" It then became my mission to remind people that even when they may feel like they are alone in a situation, THEY NEVER ARE! More people feel the way they do, they just don't know it. My goal remains to always be a light source for those who feel like they are in the dark.

My content, like any one else is unique because creating content is a form of art. It is subjective. What I find inspiring and worth sharing might not be what someone else finds worth sharing. I know from having asked for feedback to my audience about what they most enjoy about my online presence is that they enjoy how "raw I keep things with them" how I am "a light source", a "positive influence". My captions on instagram are usually something motivating and positive. My podcast, "Shine Brighter with Liz" aims to focus on Personal growth and lifestyle development. I know my listeners have shared how much they are moved by the words. I find it truly inspiring the responses I receive from so many. It's because of them, that I continue to share. Even in times when I don't feel like it, I remind myself maybe something I say today can help someone. It keeps me going. It keeps me sharing.

My audience loves my authenticity. I share everything from my career in the entertainment industry, my relationship struggles, my anxieties, my moments of darkness, how I stay motivated, my faith, my beauty routines, my struggle with acne and how it can be so difficult to feel beautiful... I SHARE the ups and down because I think it's important to not just share the positive highlights. I know my audience really connects with my content because it is human, it is real!

My short term goals as an influencer is to enjoy creating content as a way of self-expression. My way of leaving my stamp on the world. I am currently considered a micro influencer. I am beginning to get brand deals and it has allowed me to quit my survival job to become a freelancer. It's been so artistically fulfilling! My long term goals are to allow my influencing to carry into my career as an actress. For my youtube/ podcast to become a talk show on national television. To allow my instagram and other platforms help spread awareness to important issues.

My favorite collaboration so far has to be when I got to work with an international Cuban Fashion Designer because I am Cuban American. There was something so incredibly powerful about wearing designs that represented the beautiful country of Cuba. So much tradition and vibrant colors! It felt like an honor to represent the land that my parents and grandparents where born in. I was then asked to walk in her fashion show and it was televised. My family was so proud of me!

My passion for beauty started as early as I can remember. When I was a little girl I would get hair rollers and put them on my grandfather pretending like I was giving him a new hair style. I would run into my grandmother's room and try on her heels and attempt to wear her lipstick. Growing up I would spend HOURS in my room watching beauty Youtuber's talk about makeup, how to style your hair and how to properly take care of your skin. I would then feel so inspired after hours of content consumption that I would practice for hours in front of my mirror until I would perfect the craft. My mother and sister were never into beauty as much as I. It wasn't something that came naturally to them. I was their go to makeup artist and hair stylist for weddings, prom, and any fun family gathering. For me beauty is a part of my essence. I enjoy making others feel their best. I have a passion for helping others feel empowered. Beauty can do this.

You know, it's quite funny. Sephora truly means so much to me. It took my passion for learning about beauty to a whole other level. From walking into a local store, to seeing all the products I've seen others rave about online, to standing in front of their lighted mirror applying makeup with the help of others who are just as passionate about beauty! The makeup classes have taught me so much! They taught me how to do my contour and highlight, how to get the perfect winged liner, have fierce brows, and how to make sure your blush matches your lip color. When I began my journey with acne I RAN to the skin care section and began learning everything I could about masks, oil cleaners, toners, face oils and anything that would help me have a beautiful glowing skin! Sephora has 100% been the open doors to help aid in my passion for beauty.

SO MANY! My Must have makeup essentials are, It Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50 because I love the fact that I know it is helping my skin with all the serums and the SPF while I'm wearing it. Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara, the VOLUME they give my lashes, they look so beautiful! It's honestly the only mascara I ever wear! Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting powder, it keeps all my hard work in place! Clinique's Almost Lipstick shade Black Honey, MY FAVORITE everyday natural lip. I get so many compliments and people asking me "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING"? Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow, keeps my brows looking FIERCE! ESSENTIAL. Tarte blushes, eye shadows, and powders! They are so great for my sensitive skin and stay on so naturally and beautifully! My Sephora collection daily brush cleaner is something I MUST ALWAYS HAVE! I like having clean brushes every time I apply to make sure I am preventing breakouts! I also have many Sephora collection Brushes in my kit. They are perfect for creating my fun and simple looks! I absolutely always have to have my NARS concealer's with me! The coverage they provide are HEAVEN sent! Skin care essentials: I love My Olehenriksen's Toners! THEY HAVE CHANGED MY SKIN! They also feel so great after cleansing! I know they help take off any remaining makeup! I LOVE SUNDAY RILEY! Their products have also changed my skin as well and are a must in my skin care routine! I use their Ceramic Slip Cleanser, C.E.O C+E AntiOXIDANT, U.F.O and Ultra-Clarifying face oil, to name a few! I love Farmacy, I use their Green Clean Makeup Remover, for my daily makeup remover. I love my Lavanila, The Healthy Deodorant. I love knowing that I am using a healthy deodorant, it's so vital to your health! I LOVE EVERYTHING Drunk elephant! Doesn't everyone? I love Ouai Dry Shampoo! It smells AMAZING and makes my hair look fresh everyday!

If you made it this far... Thank you so much for being interested in my passion for content creating and my healthy obsession with Sephora.

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xoxo, Liz