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#BookedIT: TV Pilot "Something Bigger" Role of Nellie

After a struggling fast-food employee challenges the 'Universe' to prove that it knows he exists, a number of strange events seem to worsen his situation until he wins the $33 million lottery and decides he must skip town with his little brother.

Elizabeth plays the role of Nellie, a new student in Live Oak. Confident, willful, and charmingly rebellious. She doesn’t follow the system, and she doesn’t believe in going to college. Nellie has moved around the country her entire life. She lived in 6 different states, before finally settling down in Live Oak with her family. She is careful not to grow attached to people or places, because she is used to departing from them sooner than later. She finds what’s wrong and desires to fix it. She’s genuinely interested in Colby’s future and challenges him to rethink his plans after high school. She pushes the idea that only Colby’s actions will propel him forward, that he shouldn’t rely on the “Universe” to decide his life.

Cast by Liz Lewis Casting Partners, showrunner Jack Kennedy best known from youtube, directors Chris Sansavera and Harry Winer and producers Ramsee Chand, Cole Greenbaun, Austin Chen.

Other actors attached to the project include: Christian Musto, Mark Cayne, and Sal Rendino.

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