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Official Drip Trailer WATCH NOW

Teaser Trailer for upcoming Feature Film, DRIP.

Written, Directed & Produced by: Andres Monsalve

Starring: Juan Orozco Efrain Garcia Johnathan Lapadula Sebastian James Elizabeth Danielle Pujadas George Polanco Albert Carbonell Jimmy Paredes Kennen Fernandez

Film Score by: Andres Monsalve Kennen Fernandez

Synopsis: A gifted, petty thief, and his friends fantasize of having the life of gangsters in Miami, but reality hits hard, when they find a kilo of cocaine in a stolen car, that belongs to a ruthless, drug dealer. After being discovered, what could of been a simple lost and found, escalates to a world of trouble, when the dope and the car get lost. The thief now has 2 options, hand over the life of his friend, who lost the dope, or pay the dealer $75,000 before the end of the night.

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