Thoughts after 15 Minutes of DEEP Meditation.

I’ve been practicing a bit more Self Love lately. I’ve been taking the time to take care of myself and letting myself know that I am worthy of having that time.

A very common misconception is that taking time for yourself is considered “Selfish”

It’s not.

I would actually argue that NOT taking the time for yourself is a selfish act.

When you take the time to check in with yourself you can learn a lot about what you are going through. You can also be aware of elements in your life you want to improve in.

During my deep meditation I realized that:

✨ I want to make spending time with my friends and family a PRIORITY.

❤️ I find this important because i can get so wrapped up in my work and dreams, that i forget to let my most loved ones in. I want to look back on my life and have built strong and deep relationships.

✨My Thoughts are vaild and are Valuable to the World.

❤️I think that I have traits and habits that I can share with the world for everyone’s benefit. I think that I am wise and that I am always eager to learn. I can share my tools with others.

Forgive and find the Empathy.

❤️ Yes, people have hurt me. I have hurt people. I want to learn to forgive people and then find the empathy to understand why it is that they hurt me. I know only people who you love have the power to hurt you. It’s because you love them that their opinions and actions matter to you. I made the realization that EVERYONE HAS A DEEP PAIN THAT RUNS WITHIN THEM.

The rest of my thoughts are for my own privacy and my own personal growth. I hope that some of my shared thoughts will help you. Take the time to do the same for yourself. When we all take the time to learn a deeper sense of ourselves, we can begin to shed more LIGHT, More LOVE,more POSITIVITY, and More EMPATHY.