We Are All Immigrants ✨💛

Immigrants ARE BRAVE, they are dreamers, they believe in their worth. They have FOUGHT to bring a better future for themselves and their families. WORKING ENDLESS DAYS AND NIGHTS. Coming to a whole other world and trying their best to get by. I am proud to be an american because we are the LAND OF THE FREE. The land of opportunities. The land of hopes and dreams! WE DREAM THE AMERICAN DREAM, where no dream is too big to achieve. We are all immigrants of this country and are all worthy of living the lives we work hard for. It breaks my heart to hear the news. But this is not over, stand for what is right. This is history in the making. For those who are affected and scared, DONT BE. WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. YOUR VOICES WILL BE REPRESENTED. YOU ARE WORTHY & YOU ARE WELCOME. THIS IS YOUR HOME. 🙏🏻✨ GOD BLESS AMERICA, the land of the Free.