Today while at the Gym

Today at the gym was such rewarding experience. My cycling class was so hard, but I pushed through till the end. I reminded myself that "sometimes life is going to be hard but you just have to keep pushing through. You will finish this class! " & I DID. The lady next to me, Mary, was her name. Man did this girl know how to cycle. She was going so hard. I was very inspired to have her next to me. She kept me pushing. After the class I let her know that I was very proud of her. She told me that this was her 6th week training. She is off to do a Marathon in NYC. You go girl! Then when I went to the bathroom, these two beautiful ladies spoke with me and shared their stories. Life is hard, and I feel their pain. Immigrates like many of us. Choosing to come to a Country to have a better life. I was inspired and very touched by their stories. Take the time to listen to others and remind them that they are blessed. Hug others and encourage them to keep it up. We are all connected. Spread the love and positivity ❤️✨