My mind currently: Sometimes your mind wants to accomplish so much, that you feel overwhelmed. Listen to the way you are feeling and your inner voice. Are you being negative? Are you playing the comparison game? Are you working on your goals? Are you being productive? Are you giving yourself enough rest to be excited and fueled to keep working on you? These are things I ask myself. I was feeling down for a split second and instead of allowing myself to fall into depression.... You call the ones you love. The ones who motivate you. Who remind you of all your successes, when you are starting to forget them. Go online and look up motivational talks that inspire you. Look at your Short terms and long term goals and remind yourself that you are on track. Allow yourself to have a good cry, while you hold yourself and tell yourself, you are doing so good and I am so proud of you. Surrender yourself to your faith and know that you are in God's Hands. Currently, I am journaling, then going to make a little inspirational board for my journal, then some yoga tonight. You are on the right track. Everyday is a new day. Allow each day to be a day of self discovery and self growth. know that God has a plan for you. You will have all you have ever dreamed of and more. I love you Liz. I talk to myself as if I were talking to my daughter. It's important to be your own encouragement. This was mostly for me, but I hope it helps whoever needed this today. YOU GOT THIS. PUSH PUSH PUSH.