My Letter To New York City

Dear New York City, You change me. You change me everyday. You force me to question everything. What is right? What is wrong? What needs to be changed? How I can help the world in process? You force me stop and look. So many people around. So many different energies. So many different fears, worries, dreams, hopes and passions fill these streets. New York City, you cause me to be tired. Yet somehow, you cause me to be awake. I walk through you with not a word to speak, only my eyes that reveal your truth. You cause me to practice empathy. You cause me question, what I do with my time and how to make use of it in the most efficient manner in order to best serve the world for it's greater purpose and all within the time I am blessed to be present. I am young yet I allow myself to be a vessel for your wisdom and your vision. New York City, you drive me to be afraid yet you drive me to be courageous. I understand that I am amongst a city of history. A city of great progress. A city that fuels our country, with business and art, in all forms one can imagine. You provide it. New York City, thank you for letting me roam around and inside of you. To all of my fellow New Yorkers, what I have noticed as I explore. You walk around but never stop to look up. Stop to notice the homeless girl and boy in the streets asking for your help. Your help doesn't always have to be in the form of currency. To help others is simple. Stop and see them. In them lays pain. A pain caused by hopelessness in themselves and in the world. Not everyone knows how to see the light. If you are blessed, which everyone living today is, it is your calling to help others envision this hope. To comprehend that this too shall pass and there will always be a brighter day at the end of a dark night. Speak to everyone you meet on the streets as if they are going to give you a million dollar idea. Because every person you meet can share with you something you have never once thought of before. Allow yourself to be opened by others, as you aid in attempting to do the same for them. Sincerely, A young girl in pursuit of her dreams and life purpose Elizabeth Danielle Pujadas