Shine Like A Firework

Today was a pretty great day. Woke up and decided that I was going to go for a run in the morning. During my run I did a lot of self evaluations.

I realized that I have so many goals set up for myself, but without having money its going to be very hard to accomplish these wants. You see I have this fear of doing jobs that has nothing to do with my industry, because I feel that they are going to just to be a distraction from my career. BUT. Money is just a resource and I have to realize that just because I have a "day-job" that may not be in relation to my craft, doesn't mean that I am trailing off the path. HARD FOR ME, but I do have many other passions and can find part time jobs that I still find fulfilling. Point is, I NEED $$. If I need/ want these goals to happen I need to have the funds to make it happen. So I do have two jobs lined up, that my temp agency helped me book!!! I'll have work until September. I'll just have too make sure I keep booking temp jobs.

After my run I rushed to get ready because my mom was going to pick me up to head to my cousins casa.Spent the day with my family sharing laughs, stories, and FOODDDDD. YUM.

At night we decided to light some left over fireworks from the 4th.

Today I am grateful for family. For realizing how much support & love I have around me.


Elizabeth Danielle Pujadas.