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Artist Call to Action

ATTENTION: Calling all Artists (which I believe is everyone)...

We are No longer Dreaming our Dreams, We are Living them! This is so exciting. I know when I look back on my life I will be so proud of my will to fight. When I look back at when I was a little girl I loved to Audition and I was fearless. I walked into audition rooms with the idea that no matter what, I was going to gain in some way. First, with experience and second the opportunity to have a chance to be a part of a creative process. I think we as artists at times get lost in the technicalities of what we have been taught and forget why we choose our craft in the first place. For some it was a form of escape, from the reality of what life hands you. For others it was a way to make a family laugh when they needed a reason to smile. I no longer am looking at my path as "oh I hope they like me" "I hope I get cast" and am changing it to, this is my Job. This is what I have been called to do in my life time on this earth. As artists WE MUST GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY! Yes there are doubts and fears and worry that will try its best to consume you. But when you simply remind yourself that this is what you were made for, and everything that you have suffered in your life was a blessing to make you the person you are today. You are unique. You are enough. This isn't about being a movie star. This isn't about winning a award. This is about telling a story, in times where our people need to hear them. They come to our sanctuary, our safe home, they lend us their ears and they open their hearts, hoping that we shed some light into their worlds. Praying that we some how alter their thinking. SO TO ALL MY ARTISTS OUT THERE, wether Music, dance, singing, photography, acting, poetry, art, be your muse... USE YOUR GIFTS. THERE IS A REASON YOU ARE GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO. ITS BECAUSE YOU WERE CREATED WITH THIS IN MIND & There is no one out there like you. In the words of My dear friend Barney the Dinosaur: "You are special, you are the only one, You are the only one like you. There is no other in the whole Wide World that can do the things you do, because you are SPECIAL. Everyone is special, everyone in his or her own way. I PRAY THAT YOU TAKE THAT WITH YOU TODAY. ❤️