Morning Nails

Goooooood Morning,

Ladies, don't you just feel naked when your nails are not done? I personally do! I hate when my nails are chipped and I have something to do in the morning. I feel like my outfit is not put together. I'm the kind of girl that will wake up at 5am to paint my nails just to make sure they look good in the morning. Well today was one of those days... I sort of thought it would be a "wonderful" idea to wake up at 8am to paint my nails. My toes were already painted with "Wicked" by Essie and only had minor chips so fixing that was no problem. After prepping my nails and beginning to paint them I realized I had made a mistake on the color. I should have not painted them Wicked! For those of you ladies that know about Wicked or OPI's Lincoln Park or any dark color for that matter you know how difficult they can be!


It was a mess! I painted them and then realize it was going to take forever to dry. SO i got a blow dryer and hit them for five minutes. Then I realized I needed to start getting dressed and doing that with wet nails was going to ruin them and potentially stain my clothes. So then... I freaked out and was like okay you know what they are coming off! So I then proceeded to take my nail polish off, in a rush because I was running out of time! Class starts at 10am and her I am in my bath room taking off my stupid nail polish that I just spend the last hour doing. -___-

Of course since it was a dark color it was just as hard taking it off as it was putting it on!!!!

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the time getting dressed and eating breakfast and left my house with my nails in worse condition than they were when I rose!

So ladies, the lesson was learned today, Bright and Early.

-Don't Paint your nails when you are in a rush

-If you are in a rush, DEFIANTLY don't paint them a Dark color

-Blow drying your nails doesn't really help, it just burns your hands!

Note to self: You are beautiful just the way you are and no one is looking at your nails.

xoxo Elizabeth Danielle