Elizabeth is Now Repped Across the Board with CESD 

Management is Media Meld Studios- Dan Cotoia 

Thank you to The Amercian Theater Wing for the invitation! 

Elizabeth does a scene from The Five Year Plan Pilot playing the role of Judy during a workshop at Actors Connection in New York City. This is a comedy. 

Me 3.769 is a story about Elaine, a Latina girl living in Miami. She is carefully growing into her maturing body and everything associated with growing up. However, her excitement is soon put to a halt when she faces the harsh reality of sexual abuse, brought on by her pregnant aunt’s boyfriend.

In this honest and candid film, director Elaine del Valle portrays the damaging effects of sexual misconduct that women so commonly endure. “Me 3.769” also captures the tone and strength of the #MeToo era.

Me 3.769 been recognized by Sundance Org, Miami Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Chicago Latino Film Festival, Independent Star Film Festival in Germany, Soma Film festival. 

November 27, 2018

 After a struggling fast-food employee challenges the 'Universe' to prove that it knows he exists, a number of strange events seem to worsen his situation until he wins the $33 million lottery and decides he must skip town with his little brother.

Elizabeth plays the role of Nellie, a new student in Live Oak. Confident, willful, and charmingly rebellious. She doesn’t follow the system, and she doesn’t believe in going to college. Nellie has moved around the country her entire life. She lived in 6 different states, before finally settling down in Live Oak with her family. She is careful not to grow attached to people or places, because she is used to departing from them sooner than later. She finds what’s wrong and desires to fix it. She’s genuinely interested in Colby’s future and challenge...

Teaser Trailer for upcoming Feature Film, DRIP.

Written, Directed & Produced by: Andres Monsalve

Starring: Juan Orozco Efrain Garcia Johnathan Lapadula Sebastian James Elizabeth Danielle Pujadas George Polanco Albert Carbonell Jimmy Paredes Kennen Fernandez

Film Score by: Andres Monsalve Kennen Fernandez

Synopsis: A gifted, petty thief, and his friends fantasize of having the life of gangsters in Miami, but reality hits hard, when they find a kilo of cocaine in a stolen car, that belongs to a ruthless, drug dealer. After being discovered, what could of been a simple lost and found, escalates to a world of trouble, when the dope and the car get lost. The thief now has 2 options, hand over the life of his friend, who lost the dope, or pay the dealer $75,000 before the end of the night.

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