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Elizabeth Danielle Pujadas was born in Englewood, New Jersey. Both her father's and mother's side of the family are from Cuba. Her parents divorced when she was a year old and she moved to Miami,Florida with her mother, Esmeralda Rosende. Her mother placed her in dancing, singing and acting classes.

Elizabeth attended the Academy of Arts and Minds, High School and received her BFA in Acting from New World School of the Arts.

Since graduating college Elizabeth has been in numerous films and commercials, including Me 3.769, Out of Hand, Assist, Finding the Light, The Garden,Bolero, Drip, and Kill u. She tends to play the young and beautiful, opinionated, Latina. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

She is the Spokeswomen for Car Depot Florida and has done commercials for Boulfe's Auto Sales and Sergios Cafe, a restaurant in Miami, Fl.

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