Cuban American Actress 

Fluent in English and Spanish 

Wide Emotional Range

Natural Comedic Timing 

Improvisation Skills 

Host Experience

Voice over Experience


SAG-AFTRA Eligible 

Represented By: CESD (Across the Board) Managed By: Dan Cotoia Talent 

Latest work

Me 3.769
 Directed by Elaine Del Valle  Role: Aunt Lizzy
Currently on HBO Go + HBO NOW 
Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 10.22.47 PM.pn

Me 3.769 Hits Major Success at Several Film Festivals:

New York Los Angeles International Film Festival (NYLA) 2019, Miami Film Festival, Huston Latino Film Festival,

Silver Screen International Film Festival (SSIFF), Beeston Film Festival, Utah Film Festival (WINNER), Philadelphia Independent Film Festival (WINNER) CineOdyssey Film Festival, Hot Springs International Women's Film Festival, Pordenone International Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Ferrara Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Southern Oasis Film Festival

( WINNER), Independent StarFilmFest (WINNER)


Series Regular

Role: Nellie

Showrunner: Jack Kennedy 

Director : Christopher Sansavera




I am passionate about serving those who want to level up in their lives! 

I believe if we break down your life into the main important categories: Purpose, Finance, Relationships, Career, Health/ Wellness, Personal Development, we can take a look at where your pain points lay and get down to the root of the problem. Together we can set goals and follow though with intentional actions. 

Private sessions are $100 an hour 



 Is a podcast on personal growth  and lifestyle development. Taking the time to speak with people who I believe are "Lighthouses", people who are shining their positive touch onto the world! 


Podcast Available on all podcast outlets, New Episode Every Tuesday at 5am EST.

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